Women Investors
" Most women feel that taking care of financial matters is the job and responsibility of men. However, a sudden crisis can throw a woman into the deep end of money management and it is therefore advisable to not only be aware of investments and savings but also be prepared for any kind of emergency. "
Neha Chhaochharia

Women face different challenges to men. Whether in the workforce, within the family or in a marriage, women have different priorities, which must be addressed appropriately. One of these priorities relates to their financial matters.

For the following reasons, women need to plan their finances individually.

  1. Higher Life Expectancy: Women typically live longer than men. Therefore, they need to be prepared for retired life if they were to outlive their spouse
  2. Change in Marital Status: Women need to be financially independent in the eventuality they go through a divorce or if their parents cannot support them
  3. Mental Block or Fear against Finance: Women often tend to be more intimidated by financial matters than men. Smooth talking sales people often exploit this. Therefore, it is important that women actively think about their own financial planning so that they can overcome their fears, as well as be savvy about making the right decisions

Other factors that impact women for which they need to do careful planning are:

Given the above unique needs and challenges, women must plan individually from their parents or husbands because for generations, Indian women, through their savings, have created assets and helped male family members at the time of crisis.

So WOMEN'S if you have not started planning your and your family's finances yet, you need to think again. Be an active participant in all family matters including the finances. Even if you are not earning, just by having a proper idea of your family income and by keeping track of where your family money is going you can be financially secure. This will make you capable of taking on all the responsibilities of your family when in need. The more active you are the more financial support you can provide to your family. Hence, it's a good thought to prepare your self now rather then feeling lost later.

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